Buyers Guide For Dubai Property

Buying a property in Dubai seems tough? Get expert knowledge and guidance for property purchasing in Dubai from the most active agency of Dubai land department.

When buying a property in a country with soaring skyscrapers and modern architecture a trust worthy brokerage to stand by your side and guide you in your whole journey is an inevitable need.

Here is a straightforward guide for buying a property in Dubai:

Step 1 – Set your budget

Most of us have spent hours scrolling through properties advertisements online ,checking the little details like rooms, locality and availability of necessities in nearby area but have ended up leaving the option due to budget being out of hand . Buyers usually only consider the price they’ll need to buy the property in there budget but instead it includes so much more . While considering a purchase on property ,a budget along with the property cost must include the transfer fees, agency fees, sales progression fees , mortgage arrangement fees and mortgage insurance fees without which the property purchase will not be successful.

Step 2 – Make a list of must have features in your property.

After finalizing your budget range , look for a property which has features as close as to what you would want . Looking at real world scenarios the features like interior design , gardens ,bathrooms, bedrooms and the accessibility of necessities like walking/driving distance to nearby stores, schools and hospitals must be prioritized .

Step 3 – Research about the buying process in Dubai.

Before Investing in property one needs to be well aware of the process and risks involved so, Ask for each and every question that comes to your mind and along with the broker make every step clear to yourself as well. For property purchasing your broker will take you through all the procedures from start to finish which includes :how to make an offer, negotiations , paper work required , the formal agreements like NOC and MOU , transfer appointments and the handover , remember learning is always a great idea.

Step 4 – Have a full view of the property

While searching for a property it happens often that you might not like the interior or the space inside a particular area of the property, but these features can be modified as per requirement and an experienced broker can negotiate on these little details as well , so rejecting a property for such reasons is not advisable.

Step 5 – Offer and negotiate

Once the property is finalized , initiate by making an offer , first talk with your broker about the offer your planning to make and let your broker negotiate with the seller. The broker being an experienced personnel in the field can help you immensely with this step .

Step 6 – Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

By making the agreement formal, there is an understanding between the buyer and the seller regarding the requirements and responsibilities. A formal agreement includes a memorandum of understanding (MOU). Your broker will be there to guide you and ensures your fully satisfied with the agreement before moving for the next step.

Step 7 – Sale Progression

The team will be by your side and provide you with all the support and make the No Objections Certificate as smooth as possible . The team is very experienced and takes initiative , by coordinating between you as a buyer, the seller, the developer and the bank works involved . The sales progressor knows the system inside out and will check all the documents before proceeding so as to avoid all the details

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