Renters Guide For Dubai Property

Rent property in Dubai with the help and guidance of Dubai Land Department’s Most Active Agency of 2020 on your side.

The Prosperity guide to renting has been put together 16 years of knowledge and experience in Dubai real estate market.

Read on for our step by step guide to renting an apartment or villa in Dubai for the first time.

Step 1 – Finalize a budget

Having a clear idea about your budget will solve half of the problem. Remember when you calculate the budget, include 5% or 10% refundable security deposit on the total rental value, 5% or 3000 Agency fees whichever is the higher value, 5% VAT on the Agency fees.

Step 2 – Make a list of necessary features based on your priority

Having a list of necessary features will guide you in what exactly to look for rental home . Necessary features include number of bedrooms, bedrooms , driving/walking distance to school , your office, hospitals , public park etc. It is possible that you may not find the most suitable apartment with exact features but a few details can be changed or compromised.

Step 3 – Find a trusted broker

Along with a trusted broker , it is very important to have an open channel of communication with your broker to prevent any misunderstanding or cheating . At Prosperity , our brokers are well trained to offer there best services to the clients and build a friendly relationship with them.

Step 4 – Viewings

Before walking into the apartment have a control on your excitement and make sure to ask all your queries . We recommend you to have a prepared set of questions to ask your broker about the apartment/villa that your interested in. This way the broker will understand your concerns very well and come up with a suitable solution.

Step 5 – Make an offer

Once the property is finalized , initiate by making an offer , first talk with your broker about the offer your planning to make and let your broker negotiate with the landlord. The broker being an experienced personnel in the field can help you immensely with this step.

Step 6 – Checking the contract

Before submitting your documents make sure to thoroughly check the contract , usually your broker will talk you through all the necessary documents like Emirates ID, passport and visa . Prosperity brokers are always ready to help in every step so clarify all your doubts.

Step 7 – Ejari Registration

It is now time to register your rental agreement in Dubai through EJARI which means ‘your rent’ in Arabic. Your broker will talk you through this process and assist you with the documents. Prosperity also have a home move service who will be in touch after the contract signing and will make you aware of which permits are needed in order to move forward.

To have Ejari before you connect DEWA and AC to your new apartment.

Step 8 – Make all the household connections

Before moving into the apartment/villa you will need to register your name under Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) also it’s good if you also get your internet connections established before moving in . Prosperity’s home move team can help you with these arrangements on minimal fee.

Step 9 – Discuss the move date and time

Fridays are often considered as ‘ no move’ day due to it being a public holiday so ask your broker for better clarification regarding this matter before moving into you new apartment. Make sure to not oblige the policies of the apartment made by the community or the building security Congratulations you have made to the final step and have successfully rented an apartment in Dubai

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